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A Bit Of An Usual Call Out To Rescue A Boeing 747


Gallows Wood Recovery have received some unusual callouts in our time.

Since we first started out back in 1963, we have rescued and recovered just about every type and size of vehicle you could possibly imagine. In July this year, a full emergency was declared at Doncaster Airport as a Astral Boeing 747 Cargo Aircraft came off the runway as it turned and was marooned on the grass verge. Several other rescue agencies had spent five unsuccessful hours trying to move the aircraft, which weighed around 280 tonnes.

Using two of our Gallows Wood Recovery heavy recovery trucks along with our incident management team, we successfully completed the operation within the hour.

Well done to our dedicated Gallows Wood Recovery team. We are pretty sure that all the holiday makers at the airport on the day were cheering for them too, as until the aircraft rescue was resolved, the airport would have remained closed.