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Our Air Cushion Recovery Work Makes AVRO’s Headline

This recent air cushion recovery job by the Gallows Wood Recovery team was recently featured as “Recovery of the Month” in AVRO News.

We received a call from an existing Gallows Wood Recovery commercial customer to say that one of his wagons had overturned on a busy roadside. The main challenge of this recovery job was that the vehicle had a full cargo of wood that needed to be kept intact and damage-free. The restricted access area of the busy roadside location also presented further recovery challenges.

Our incident manager at Gallows Wood Recovery immediately visited the scene in the Louth area of Lincolnshire. He conducted a safety assessment to determine that the safest option was to use the Gallows Wood Recovery specialist air cushion recovery equipment.

The Gallows Wood Recovery team tackled the recovery operation using their extensive air cushion training and expertise to carry out the safe and controlled recovery operation. Large air cushions were carefully positioned underneath the vehicle and pumped with compressed air. The wagon was then gently lifted back into an upright position, with the air cushions distributing the force of the lifting operation across the large surface area. The wood cargo remained damage-free, with no costly offloading required. The vehicle was then safely transported back to the Gallows Wood Recovery yard for further inspection.

This job is another highly successful air cushion recovery for our talented and dedicated Gallows Wood Recovery team.