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Our Latest Investment Includes A Tow Track Remote Control Recovery Unit

Robotic Tow Truck
Robotic Tow Truck in underground car park

The Gallows Wood Recovery fleet has expanded again.

New additions to our extensive fleet include a heavy recovery unit, two new vans, and some new lighting tower equipment.

Our most recent investment has also included a unique robotic Tow Track remote control recovery unit. Gallows Wood Recovery is at the forefront of using robotic technology and the benefits it provides in our recovery operations are groundbreaking.

The Tow Track has the capability to completely lift a vehicle from the ground. This equipment allows us to move cars, vans, and 4x4s that are in extremely tight restricted spaces. Vehicles can be removed from confined spaces like an underground car park multi storey or a narrow street. It is also ideal for moving vehicles that will not start or are locked with the parking brake applied. The added benefit of the Tow Track is that vehicles can be moved effectively and quickly with delicate handling, even when operating within extremely challenging spaces. 

Our continued investment in innovation and expansion of our fleet reflects the Gallows Wood Recovery commitment, providing best-in-class service.